Company Information

Matsui Eastern (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of automotive switches. in which each part of the switch goes through the process Quality production before going to market


  • Company Name        : Matsui Eastern (Thailand) Co., Ltd
  • Address                       : Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate 64/32 Moo4, T.Pluakdaeng   A.Pruakdaeng, Rayong, 21140
  • Tel                                : 065-7161400
  • Location                      : Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate
  • Ownership                  : MR.HIROMITSU  MATSUI ( President )
  •  Established since      : May 9, 2003



1.       Around the switch vehicles, we offer products assembly of high-quality, low-cost and always improve shine the shined technology to making things for customer satisfaction.

2.       On the actual product manufacturing more than half a century, incorporating production management technology automotive manufacturers, we will continue to sublimation technology to build their own stuff.

3.       Fulfill the responsibilities job creation, the taxpayer, to comply with social norms b law, law, and other, we cherish their personal happiness is the root, the switch of the heart
I strive to build stuff that.



1. One. In the spirit of good three-way! ! (Make an effort to find a way that everyone will be better)
  • And in-house customers and users
  • And their subordinates and bosses
  • Himself and his company and home

2. To act always think about people and social harmony

3.  Always try to learn new knowledge, we aim to achieve the dream


  • Dec 1951:          Confectionery Co., Ltd. founded as a town by Matsui Hachi-tsu Toyohashi 
  • Jan 1968 :          Co., Suzuki Motor handle switch for two-wheelers, with the guidance of our Tokai Rika key start assembling the two-wheel set 
  • Jan 1971:           The company name is changed to Matsui
  • June 1983:         The start of a four-wheel assembly key set for Suzuki Motor
  • May 1986:         Complete plant site / factory headquarters office building (4500 square meters), denominated in the same house (2600 square meters)
  • Oct 1988           Toyota start of production for various switches
  • Sep 1995           Various production equipment, production robotic assembly machine construction by building  maintenance
  • March 1997      Clean room installation the factory headquarters level (320 m2)
  • May 1997          Shiozaki factory established semi-clean room installation (313 square meters)
  • Mar 2001          Get ISO9002
  • Aug2002           Get ISO9001
  • May 2003       Matsui Eastern Thailand Co. , Ltd. Establishment 
  • Dec 2003           ISO14001 acquisition
  • May 2005          Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. started trading with (Matsui Eastern Thailand)
  • Dec 2005           Plant site, Ltd. established a second plant Matsui said Ken mansion  (3999 square meters) (3475 m²)
  • Dec 2006           Co. warehouse expansion due to transfer key is set when rich.    (522.74 square meters floor area)
  • Jun 2007           Cleaner production division switch (introduction of air shower, change of work hat) 



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